Paying the price.

Growing up, I heard the phrase Are you ready to pay the price? a lot from grownups, in movies and in the books I read.

Everything, they say comes with a price. As a medical student schooling away from home my colleagues and I can testify to this. Relationships go stale due to long distance, you miss out on important occasions and event such as Weddings, celebration of a Child’s birth, Christmas, Eid, Reunions the list goes on and on.

Missing out on great events and opportunities sucks, but I always say its for the greater good. Its the price we have to pay to become doctors in the future. When all this is over we would look back, smile and say it was worth it.

My dear reader, are you ready to pay the price for the decisions you make? If yes, is that decision worth the price?

You know how you assess if the price of a gadget or a piece of cloth is worth the price, assess your decision with the same energy . And dearly beloved, when you get overwhelmed by the price of your decisions and goals, do not fret, hold on and at the end it will all end well.

Enjoy this encouraging piece by sia never give up covered by Ballie vie.

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