Why your couchie smells like fish 🐠..

First of all ; Couchie is a slang term for Vagina.

This is a fragile but important topic that we need not to shy away from.

Vaginal hygiene is as important as dental or general body hygiene. So today I want to tell you about this fragile and sensitive topic .

Be it the couchie is a self cleaning body part, sometimes things can get pretty fishy if care is not taken .

Bacteria Vaginosis – this is when there is overgrowth of bacteria such as genital mycoplasma, gardenella vaginalis which are naturally found in the vagina . This is not a sexually transmitted infection.

This comes with a minimal symptom of white milky discharge.

Unlike other infections that present with disturbing symptoms like irritation(burning sensation), itching, or painful/burning feeling during urination. So it is easy to not notice until the smell sets in.

How do you prevent this ?

1, Maintain genital hygiene. Change your underwear at least twice a day. Rinse your lady parts after using the bathroom and pat dry.

2, After sexual intercourse or any sexual act wash the genital area.

3, keep the area clean from excessive moisture and sweating. A moist environment helps bacteria grow. So always try to keep your lady parts dry.

4, Use proper protection and the right products (e.g-opt for lubricants instead of saliva please as this also disturbs the ph balance of the vagina) during sexual activities, do not feel your lady parts with vegetables and other unsanitary objects as they carry germs and bacteria. Introducing them into your body won’t do you any good .

5, Wipe from front to back when cleaning the genital area. Doing the opposite of this carries /introduces fecal matter into the vagina area and these fecal matter contain a lot of bacteria . So always remember from Front to back. Or just use WATER and remember always wash your hands with soap and water after using the bathroom.

6. Change pad, tampons, panty liners and other feminine hygiene products frequently.

7, Maintain proper fluid intake. Stay hydrated.

8. Avoid anything that will mess up the ph level of your vagina . Such as strong scented soap, perfumes with high alcohol content e.t.c. Use mild soap to wash or vaginal/feminine wash formulated for the lady part.

Notes .

This fishy smell gets worse during menstruation or after sexual intercourse . This is due to increase glandular secretions .

Do not be ashamed to seek help. Once you sense or smell something is not right. See a doctor .

There are solutions and cure for this . It’s not the end of the world.

To the gentle men that will come across this post, instead of shaming a lady with this condition and calling her lady parts all sorts of names like tuna can or fish sticks, be kind . Send this post to her and let her know something can be done .

Always remember to stay clean and dry .

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