Pounded sweet potatoes 🍠🍠 ..

As someone from benue state Nigeria, pounded yam is not something we play or joke with and I woke up craving some today .

The twist of the matter is that here in Khartoum there is no yam and the few available costs an arm and leg .

As they say necessity is the mother of invention. I thought of sweet potatoes and went in to gugu (google) to search for sweet potatoes fufu. Turns out there are a lot of recipes for it but most has corn starch included in it. I am not a fan of corn starch . So I set out to make my own pounded sweet potatoes without the corn starch.

Shadow pic break🌝

Before embarking on this journey I keep some garri to make Eba par aventure it ended in tears .

What I used

πŸ¦‹..mortar and pestle

πŸ¦‹..Sweet potatoes 🍠

Had to dig these up from the cupboard.. bought them a long time ago πŸ˜‘..

πŸ¦‹..Water to boil and all purpose flour


🍽 wash and peel (I find this method very convenient as it limits sand getting into your food). Sweet potatoes, dice , wash and boil for 10-15minutes, until done . Duration depends on the size of the potatoes.

🍽 when it’s done. Time to pound . This is the tricky part. You do not allow the potatoes to get fully done ,so they still retain some starch .

🍽And, I was satisfied with the results but still doesn’t taste like pounded yam . Until next post people, have a great day .

Served with dry okro soup πŸ₯£.

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