Write ups/ Poetry


Seeing these two on Friday made me miss my dad a lot ..


A man who can be all macho and strong but still tender and gentle

A man who the world can’t contend with but still bend to the will of his seeds

He does it all out of love

He is not one to boast

He goes on working , for those he love

He makes sure no one lacks

He provides daily bread and sometimes additional butter

Dad shows no weakness

Dad never gets sick

He is always the hero

So the ladies will say;

All men are scum except Dad

All men are animals except Dad

All men do is break your heart except Dad

But Dad is also a man, and that’s the part we do not get to see

We only see;

Dad as the hero

Dad as the provider

Dad as the counselor

Dad as the protector

The one who never gets tired

But dad gets tired

Dad feels hurt, Dad feels pain

Dad gets sick

Dad gets depressed


He just doesn’t say it


He is Dad and much is expected

Look out for Dad as he does for you

Dad also needs caring and loving

So remember to give back to Dad💕

Pick up your phone and give dad a call.

Hug your dad today and appreciate him ..

All photos are properties of that_Idoma_geh.

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