Traction Alopecia 👩‍🦲 👨‍🦲…

Alopecia: simply is the loss of hair all over the body or on the head alone.

This can be temporary or permanent. Common causes include

Old age • Stress • Autoimmune diseases • Hereditary •Thyroid disease • Traction.

There is no cure for Alopecia yet but different curative methods exist and these focus on slowing the rate of hair loss or improving growth of new hair .

Today we are going to Focus on Traction Alopecia as this can be prevented and is caused by how hair is manipulated..

What is Traction Alopecia?

Let’s break it down , Having defined Alopecia above , I would explain what traction is .

Traction is the action of drawing or pulling something over a surface.

There by Traction Alopecia is Hair loss from continuous tight pulling of hair.

These might be from

1. Braids and weaves that are too tight.

2. Pulling hair into buns that are too tight .

3. Excessive gripping of hair while combing, washing or styling .

Note 📝

Some of us . Yes I use the the word us 😌, are not blessed with full nice hair lines (edges) …

So we make use of what we have! These implies there are certain hair styles that aren’t meant for us and I advice you let it be so, as continuous stress on your edges will lead to more hair loss.. I mean .. don’t make your condition worse than it already is 😘..

When your stylist insist on braiding every hair on your head as most of them do , also remember to stand your ground and refuse .

Leave the edges alone . Thank God for gels just lay them down to rest 🙂…

On the issue of gel , avoid glues . Use gel and not glue . And for those who use glue to hold their weaves down , Do not , I repeat Do not yank off these weaves from your heads as strands of hair always goes with it .. Continuously doing this will leave you bald .

🦋Advice .

Manipulate hair with care

Only go for styles that would work with your hair distribution

In order not to have a bun too tight , put a finger along with hair , when taking the hand around . Or , looses the bun a little when you are done . This will create space when you are done .

Do not tie your scarf too tight , pull or righting the elastic band starting from the edges my naturalistas know what I mean or use very tight head bands.

And if you already notice some hair loss , do not panic as following these step might cause or help you grow your hair back .

Never forget.

It’s wrong to make fun of people suffering from hair loss.

Always be kind and encouraging.

You can alway visit a doctor if you need medical advise and help .

Do share this post with a friend .. Help someone today ..

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