Boundaries and principles …


How was your day ?

Mine was well, as I experienced a lot of beautiful moments ..

1. I meet Gigi today, a beautiful puppy. It was a beautiful cute puppy and its human was a beautiful boy too who allowed me take their pictures

In everything involving others, ask for permission first

2. I went to my favorite spot, a flower shop/garden..(I always feel I belong there). It’s so peaceful and quiet ,filled with butterflies

Only go to places you are welcomed (this point is arguable)

3. I had beautiful and happy conversation… One that made me pause and meditate was with an individual (a photographer actually) who collected my number and that of a friend, then he told us do not call after 12pm 😂😂 or my wife will kill me ..

This made me realize, in everything we do no matter what, you set boundaries . As it makes your life easy and a happy one

4. I received a beautiful key holder ,a free coffee sample and a gift of time ( people who create time for you are the best, do not take them for granted ) .

Be grateful,be happy ,be contended

#Shoutout to the man behind the camera , Dallatu ✨

5. I took pictures of new beautiful flowers and I will say one caught my attention the most as she dared to different . The Red picotee flower

In a world of one direction , dare to be beautiful, different and bright

6. I read a beautiful post that blessed me today that talks about Gods time and I was really blessed by it .. you can also read Here ..

Hope, these lessons from my day makes an impact on you .. see you tomorrow lovelies …

Good night ✨

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