Found this beauty hiding somehow I can relate to her .

One of the things I do not frequent in Nigeria but miss is the breakfast street food these include ; masa (rice cakes ), akara (beans cake), moi moi (beans pudding), okpa (cow pea pudding). Fried Potatoes, yam,plantain etc.

There are vibes to them that just sets your day somehow .

So here in Khartoum the breakfast street food is somewhat limited , as they have tamiya (cowpea cakes), fried buns, bread, fol (fava beans porridge combined with cheese ,sesame oil, vegetables and other things according to the customers want and Of course coffee and tea.

This morning I got a call from a former neighbor she said , you want to get breakfast?

Yes I said and she took me to another part of the Nile river. At this point I have been to about 9 different parts of the Nile river 🥲😃..

This joint was a zulabya (fried dough)and tea place .

What I appreciated about this place was, even tho it was street food it was clean . And it’s chairs are recycled car tyre.

It was a short meeting but I appreciated it. Enjoy the view .

Fun how this is blog is becoming somewhat of a diary also .. my business blog FOAB, will start running soon maybe in 8months time or less. I don’t know but in time to come I would really need the assistance and support of you all ✨.

When that time come don’t fail me 🦋🦋

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