Life talks

Following advice ..

One problem I face with using hand sanitizer is that it’s leaves the skin my hands feeling dry .

I thought of using vaseline or my lotion but they are greasy and that will make my writing or work difficult.

Lo and behold , a classmate of mine I meet at the library said , buy silver line lotion. what’s that I asked .

It’s a cream from Nigeria, not greasy and smells great too. At first I felt weird because one ,I am Nigerian he is not and I have never heard of this cream , two this advice is coming from a male person .

He gave me a sample and it solved this little inconvenience I was facing .

So I let down my pride and got the cream (which wasn’t easy to find as it is imported from Nigeria). It is also affordable regardless it’s been imported .

Now, to make moving around with it convenient for me. I set out my DIY skills.

Rinsed out an old face wash container I had. Peeled it’s stickers off and removed the adhesive with rubbing alcohol. After I let it dry out. I transferred the cream into it .

And that’s it people, my hand cream is ready .

Sometimes, we get advices or recommendations from people we don’t expect. It might hurt your pride but give it a chance .

You never know. It might work out just fine 🦋

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