Shout Out

Shout out..(1)

Took me some days to get some of the pictures featured on this post ✨🌚

When ever I get this notification, i am reminded of certain individuals.

Maybe it was because I was young , I didn’t see the need to make money or to make something for myself . I never saw myself as a brand or the things I did to be productive, I just did them because it felt nice and I was busy.

This shout out category will be featuring individuals that have contributed in one or another which has gotten me to certain points and realization.

Today’s shouts out will begin from this Blog and Her sister FOAB (Fashion on a Budget).


Lanre is a web developer ,computer geek and a friend who always told me , the informations I posted on my WhatsApp status were to good to last for just 24hours . Make a blog, a YouTube channel , Vlog products as you buy ,IGTV, Post videos he always advised . It took me 2+ years to finally post videos lol. I was reluctant to his advices and suggestions but he didn’t give up until one I day I agreed and told him fine create a website then . He made the first website FOAB, and designed the logo which I later customized to my taste .

2. Mr.Kenneth

Mr.Kenneth, a sound and electrical engineer CEO of MK SOUNDS &TECH. Taught me what domain was, how to run a few programs and was always ready to share files on how to better a blog and brand . He is ever so ready to pray for me .


Ehi a very good critic , who proof read and choose what meme she felt was right for a particular post at the early stages of FOAB.


Stephen , will always say, why do you not have a watermark on your pictures? These concepts are great protect them .And I would reply they are just pictures nothing much about them. He saw my photographs in a way I didn’t until recently. He is a creative I learn from ,from childhood until date .


Victor is a creative who is also a business partner and motivator and inspiration behind pictorial posts. In the early days of this blog He is presently my teacher guiding and correcting me as I learn to take pictures with the DSLR camera . He is the CEO of softly concepts and a great photographer.

6.My youth leader from a church I use to worship. Who posted a poem I wrote in the year 2014 on the notice board of the church . It was a big deal for me at the time because that was my first work displayed publicly. This made me feel like I could actually do something ✨.

I wish I have a clearer picture 🦋.

A lot of individuals have shaped and impacted on this blog and her sister . But today we start from the beginning .

To the Individuals I know and the ones I don’t, who like & share my post. I say Thank you. ✨

I look forward to creating more content with and for you .

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