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The real hunger games ?

Hi guys welcome to my blog, it’s been a while I dropped some gist/story for you guys .

This is a historical story from early italy ,

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So once upon a time ,

There was a town that had carnivals in which parade floats named CUCCAGNA where loaded and decorated with sweets, baked goods, cheese ,fruit and everything tasty except meat. These parade boats also served as an advertisement media for certain bakeries and stores as they displayed their goods..

The people happily dance and celebrated around their float eating to their heart content.

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Until their king was conquered by King Charles the second in 1734. King Charles the second saw this celebration and thought about a way of spicing it up and entertaining himself and other elites..

Sounds disturbing I know,

Charles the second built stationary displays instead of the traditional parade floats and had them loaded with goods of all kinds , food, clothes, fruits, sweets ,cakes , he even added animals alive and prepared meat.

The soldiers guarded the gates of the Largo del Castello castle until a signal was given and the gates where opened wide !

I guess the rest is self explanatory, it’s human nature to be impatient and greedy. The less privileged,greedy folks and others who find the sports “interesting”, competed to get their loots, many die from the stampede , others from an accident while trying to climb the cuccagna, some from animal fights as there were lives bulls they could be slaughtered and taken home .

Other prizes (live poultry , new clothes, shoes and hats )were tied up a tall tree and anyone interested or brave enough could climb up to claim their prices. such trees were called CUCCAGNA trees and this have become a sport even to this day as certain areas in the world still tied prizes on tall trees or planks and the winner is the one who climbs to get it .

Source:manoxmano Milano

Remember the rich and elite sit at top of the castle and watch as these folks tear each other apart for food . They enjoyed this so much these event was added as entertainment at weddings, naming ceremonies , and other parties hosted by elites .

As compensation to the people who lost family members at these events funds were raised and collected for the widows and children left behind .

There are elites like Maria Carolina Queen of Naples and Marquis de Sade a French philosopher showed distaste and their disapproval of such events.

Carnem Levàre continued until in 1716 when the great famine stroke. The peasants or lower class were so agitated and eager at such events to get food it was bloody and uncontrollable even by the soldiers.

The elites found no joy in a festival they couldn’t control and the tradition somehow died .

So what do you think ,

If a modern day CUCCAGNA was set with all the good stuff our generation crave for (iPhones, designer wears, food, brand watches , car keys and all the other stuff ) do you think you would participate?

Do you think you can survive such games ?

Answer in the comment section below or discus with your friends.

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I do not own any of the images used.

This post was written from articles and documentaries, so correction and more information are welcomed ✨✨🦋

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