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The blue eye beads 🧿

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Sometime in our lives we might have come across this pattern on beads , clothing or home decor consisting of a blue outline, a tiny black line after it ,white and other shades of blue before the famous blue spot in the middle known as the Nazar Boncok directly translating Pearl of look and it somehow lost its name in translation as it is also called the the blue evil eye.

This pattern can be seen on everyday day items like jewelries (bracelets, earrings,necklaces amongst others ), home decor items, dream catchers e.t.c.

It is an ancient talisman present throughout the Middle East but most common in Turkey .

It is believed to bring good fortune and protect you from envious , jealous eyes.

It is believed to protect one from absorbing the negative energy radiated from envious persons as this negative energy can cause harm to come to a person and (or their property ).

The blue color which is the color of heaven and water are sacred . It symbolize the Devine and spiritual. It evokes peace, calm and voluptuousness .

The criteria of buying a nazar is that one should have good intentions .

Once a nazar breaks it is believed to have absorbed its capacity of negative energy and must be replaced immediately.

What is a talisman

A talisman is an object or charm that is thought to have magic powers.

Let’s go back home now.🇳🇬

Evil eyes is when a person or persons covert over what you have and wish you bad . (So to say it’s the eyes of jealousy people that choke hand inside your life to spoil it . )

In recent times certain vendors have commercialized on this to make money .

And certain gullible folks have spent a lot of money to buy these beads from them in the bid to have “goodluck”.

Whilst some of the buyers of the nazar do not fit the cultural criteria of having it as they want it for selfish gains like having male acquaintances that would give them money whenever they asked. Having Good luck and things work out for them without really putting in the work/effort .

If you believe in your maker ask yourself do you really need a talisman?

Do you believe in evil eyes ?

Think about it, it’s a cultural/Religious symbol .

Do not appropriate cultures and make selfish gains out of them.

These piece and symbols are given as gifts and are not as expensive as these vendors make them look. It all depends on the materials they are on . The nazar on a gold necklace will be costlier than a nazar on a silver necklace.

It’s wrong to sell nazar that will even fade with time on plastic for the price of the one on silver .

With these few point of mine I hope you now understand what the blue eyed bead is 😊🦋✨

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