Yam 🍠 balls

Yam ball is a delicious delicacy that gives room for creation. It can served as a side dish or main.

For yam balls you will need

✨400grams Yam(this can be substituted with potatoes) ✨Vegetable oil

✨2eggs ✨scent leaves,onion

✨Seasoning of choice ✨Pepper

✨spring onions

You can be adventurous to add in whatever you like, sausage, meat, fish , cheese, etc . For this recipe we are keeping it basic and traditional.


Step 1.

Peel, your yam, dice and cook with salt 🧂

While your yam is cooking prepare your mix . Please do not blend anything. Leave the blender alone as you do not want a liquified consistency.

You can grate or pound your pepper and onion. I find this mix very enjoyable. You can also grate your pepper .

Break your eggs and separated yolk from its whites

To know if your yam is ready, pass a fork through it. If it pass easily it’s done as we do not want to over cook it.Run cold water through it so it cools down and bit and wait . Starting to mix it hot is uncomfortable and will also cook your egg yolks.


Mash your yam, I use a small pistle to hasten this step as it as least favorite step . Do not pound. If not it was turn pounded yam …

Add in all dried ingredients and mix

Add your pepper and other addings (I don’t think addings is a word but you know, put it whatever you want to put) in this case we are adding out egg yolks amongst others.

Mix it with love (gently) and mold into balls. You can roll your ball in bread crumbs or flour if you are here for the crunchiness .

Step 3.

Dip each balls in the egg white and fry both sides until golden brown

Enjoy !

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