Life talks

The capitalist mindset


First of all what is a capitalism ?

Capitalism is ?

Capitalism is defined as an economic system in which a country’s trade, industry, and profits are controlled by private companies, instead of by the people whose time and labor powers those companies.

So to say , capitalism is to make profit off anything and everything..

So the capitalist mentality , is when a person tries to make profit off anything and everything , a perfect relation to this is the

Whatever you are good at

Do not do it for free

-unknown .

While I agree to want to make money, to want to be successful , to want to be “rich” as it’s the trend now amongst the youngster of our generation I would say it also a trap that many people fall into .

Because you are good at something doesn’t mean you must make money out of it .


Grace is a great baker , baking makes her happy and because she gets good reviews she decided to sell them but what she doesn’t calculate is that she has to invest and brand, market, pay rent if she open a bakery, get accredited amongst other things and most times businesses doesn’t go the way it should .

Now grace is stressed and overwhelmed from something that she was supposed to love and make her happy.

Many people feel they have failed , get depressed because they failed at capitalizing on their hobbies.

Look here sweetheart, you do not have to capitalize on everything, allow yourself enjoy your hobby, the people around you enjoy it . And you might just get that sense of fulfillment you are looking for .

Let God use you .

If you have a hobby and you are happy doing it , do not be in a hurry to capitalize on it . Take your time and research on how the market around your hobby is .

Research on how many accreditation you will need , the capital you will need to start it on a business level .

Be sure you can handle it at that stage ..

You can make money from other things but again do not fall into the capitalist mentality trap 🪤.

Life is too short to live it stressed and worried .


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