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Thorns & Roses

Photo credit: that_Idoma_geh

Many times , as I take my morning walks I find inspiration from almost everything and sometimes I like to share them with some of my contacts.

Here are a few lines from them ✨.

Note: I do not share until I am allowed to .

Thorn and Roses

Your beauty is amazing that I sometimes wonder why you weren’t named Rose🌹 .

Just like Roses,
It’s smooth and soft sensation describe your skin tone

Just like Roses
You’re a feast to the eyes
Most importantly, my eyes

Just like Roses
You ooze of it’s beauty and elegance.

Just like Roses
You possess the power of attracting people with your amazing appearance.

Your charm and beauty leaves me in awe, makes me wonder how an ANGEL is sent to grace the mortal world of men

Roses and thorns are synonymous..
……… I am willing to bear the bruises and scars to grace your beauty and elegance.

I don’t mind the struggles I have to go through just to achieve that. I’m done loving you from afar.

Gaining your love is my utmost priority, and I wouldn’t stop at achieving that.



Thorns and Roses

In majestic elegance the pain glows,

Irrefutable its beauty, yet strong its sting

Inviting unto itself a warm embrace for all who dare the pain

Two contrasting worlds woven as one, for so much beauty in this pain…


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