Whipped coffee

I am happy to announce I have learnt to portion my food well. There by half a jar of coffee . 😌😌


I don’t know if it’s right to call this a recipe but it’s a cheap and easy one .

You will need about just 300naira that’s about $1.(so sad the naira has reduced to this 🥲)

Any waysssssss.

You will need

🦋Filled evaporated milk

🦋instant coffee (I used Nescafé)


And patience . You will soon know why 😉

To make …

Ok ,if you have a mixer , congratulations! If you don’t sit back and get read to whisk your coffee till it’s whipped.

In a bowl or cup add in your instant coffee and sugar with very little water. Enough for you to make a paste .

It’s weird I rather just use a fork . If you have a small whisk you can use it too!

Whisk, beat , whatever works for you till it’s creamy . Took me about 15minutes .. continue until it looks like this ⬇️

Continue until you achieved your desired level of creaminess (is that a word?)

That’s a mayonnaise at I recycled into a mason jar.will post a tutorial soon.

I wanted iced coffee but there was no ice so I decided to go for a lukewarm temperature as the weather doesn’t really fit for hot beverage.

In your jar ,cup,mug , whatever, you can add ice, warm water or steam your milk if you want it hot ♨️

I warned some water before adding in my milk

I didn’t use everything. Kept some for later . Might use it for breakfast.

Next I added my whipped coffee and enjoyed it with a vanilla cake 🍰.

I apologize for the messy end of that video .

What’s the difference between a whipped coffee and just plain coffee. It’s basically the feel. Whipped coffee is way smother and creamer in the mouth 😊😊…

My birthday is coming up and I am excited as I started receiving presents early ….🙃🙃

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