Lettuce wrap


Do you get bored and just want something “healthy” to munch on ?

Lettuce wrap make a great snack , side dish and it’s a fun way to make children eat their vegetables.

For this wrap you will need –

You can substitute cabbage for lettuce & mayonnaise for peanut butter .

You can spice your vegetables however you want. I added some thyme , curry and nutmeg

Note the taste for mayonnaise and peanut butter are different or you could just try both!

Steps :

✨Pick and wash your leaves … since you won’t be cooking it I advice you wash it with vinegar or salt water . Do not salt your wrap (lettuce or cabbage as you will salt it’s filling). I forgot to take a picture of the lettuce Lols ..

✨Sauté your vegetables , I prefer cutting my vegetables longitudinally as it makes wrapping easy .

Sauté or grill your meat too .. I prefer cooking my meat before stir frying it so I get enough broth to use for another meal and very soft meat .. talk about killing two birds with one stone 😁

Your plate

I advise you put everything on a plate or tray . So you pick what you want to add to your wrap.

Remember you can add as much fillings as you like sweet corn, green peas , cucumbers etc .

Spread peanut butter on lettuce and fill up then …

Enjoy !

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