Life talks

Triggers .

trigger /tr阞氶/, noun

Cause an event or situation to happen or exist .


How you doing ?

I hope you are well!

Its the last month of the year 2021 and as the year is coming to an end , I wish you a happy new year in advance.

Today I will be quick and precise on the subject if triggers (negative triggers).

The first step to solving a problem they say is identifying or accepting you have a problem .

The next step I will say is to identify why it happens, or what triggers these events .

Youve got anger issues ? Why

What makes you angry , what memories triggers and stirs up anger in you . What person or event upsets you that it spills anger into your inner being ?

You are addicted to something unhealthy?

What makes you do it . Friends , emotions , lifes trauma and its drama ?

You have too many episodes of mood swings?

What triggers them, a memory , the feeling of not achieving what you think you should achieve ?

There are a lot of examples on this topic , so these above will do for now..

Identifying what triggers certain things in your life will not only solve the problem but help you avoid them in the future.

How to identify your trigger(s).

This is a step or process you have to be intentional about.

Get a sheet of paper or journal , if you are capable of taking mental notes thats ok, but I advice you write it down .

Take note on events that happens before and after . Look for ways it could have been avoided . Look for certain patterns and there you would find the triggering factor(s).

Below is an example of such.

A journal from BlessingManifesting

After identifying your triggers , the next step is to avoid them or delete.

Identifying your problems and doing nothing about them is unhealthy.

So work towards solving them..

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