Life talks

Not just cocoyams

Coco yam is a root vegetable ( it’s so weird for it to be a vegetable).. with fleshy white insides just like it’s cousin the yam 🍠.

Cocoyam could be used as a soup thickener or boiled to be eaten with any sauce of your choice or the traditional bleached palm oil .

For a while after the death of my grandma I haven’t been able to eat cocoyam .. It used to be one of my favorite thing and my late maternal grandma knew , she made them whenever we visited .

She knew the right amount of salt and water to add which made it very soft, chewable and tasty .

I miss her a lot.

But gradually I learnt to enjoy it again and it brings me to tell you that , regardless of the pain you feel , time heals all .

Gradually , you will recover and be happy again.

Trust the process , work towards getting better .

Take your time ✨✨🦋💕💕💕

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