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I am not your dear ✨🦋

I find it a bit weird that certain people familiarize too quickly before knowing a person better .

I may be wrong , if you understand how this happens .. please do let’s us know in the comment section .

They call people they just meet all sort of “pet” names like dear , darling , honey or my love .

Such words might not mean anything and could be easily thrown at others . But I feel such words should be reserved for the people you know really well or are familiar with . Words should also have meaning and substance when you use them .

Another part of this conversation has to do with a man/woman who flatters easily , the one who calls you dear within five minutes of meeting you .

I sometimes feel uncomfortable around such individuals because I can’t differentiate if they really have a good sense of judgement or they are just pretending or something else … there is just this unsettling feeling I get .

If I am not supposed to feel that way , do comment in the comment section . Remember- keep it in reference to a person you just met and you do not know this person .

8 thoughts on “I am not your dear ✨🦋”

  1. I thought I was the only one
    I too feel uncomfortable when people I don’t know all that much use such words with me
    And I find constant use of ‘dear’ very pretentious and annoying 🤧

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  2. Exactly! Tani dear e? It’s even the anger you’ve admonished them that is it for me.
    I’m not your dear or your hun, let everyone be advised please.

    If I’ve not called you dear, don’t call me dear in peace!

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