Write ups/ Poetry

Break it open! 🚪

Season greetings people ..

In the light of preparing for Christmas , every African child can relate to the annual cleaning up/ sanitation that go on in the house.

In the year 2006/2007 we finally settled in sokoto state located in the northern part of Nigeria.

Which meant we had our “things” in Ibadan state , which is in the western part of Nigeria moved to sokoto .

Amongst these was a bedside cupboard. Sadly, it’s key was lost in the whole moving 🚚drama . Nothing could be done as it was locked and my parent decided to leave it alone and deal with it later . Maybe get a carpenter to do something with its lock and open it .

🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋14years later🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋

Last week as I was going through my dad’s things I saw the cupboard all dusty with it’s twin beside it. I asked him if I could have them. And he said yes you can but we still haven’t opened that cupboard 😂😂.. it’s somehow weird and unbelievable I know .

I took the new furnitures I just inherited 😌😌. Cleaned them and broke the lock open with a screw driver and stone .

I had the feeling of accomplishment ✨.

It’s contents made me tear up as I found an old letter from 1999 to my dad from a department head . Made me see how far my dad has come. It made me appreciate what my father has done for us . And part of why he made sure I always had books and the materials I needed in medical school. My dad is a super man 😌😌🥰..

Appreciate your father today . Here is a post for dads. Read here.

I hope one day I will be able to make him super proud.

Back to the cupboard, there was an old outdated mercury thermometer in it and some expired medicines. And that was it .

My parent ,I suppose never bothered about the cupboard as it held nothing valuable.

While arranging my belongings into the cupboard it made reflect on how we don’t do anything if it doesn’t bother us or it isn’t pressing at that moment.

How many projects or cupboards have we ignored in our lives because it’s not a “necessity”?

Do not throw your talent away , do not ignore your cupboard. It might just come in handy one day .

Whatever cupboard you have locked up and it’s key is missing . Break it! The world suffers vawulence.(violence ) and you know the rest the violent take it by force .

Sometimes you just have to keep going and do what you have to do .


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