Tigernut milk 🥛

You can research the benefits of tiger nuts (as it’s a lot )

This has been on my phone for ages , and I have been procrastinating on posting it because it wasn’t as perfect as I wanted it to be .

Any ways , I hope it’s presentable enough and will help anyone who hasn’t figured out how to make basic tigernut milk . Basic because some recipes call for different steps and ingredients, all long story . So you will need

-Tiger nut -Sugar

-Dates -Coconut

-Evaporated milk (optional )

Note : in its season you can find fresh tiger nut which gives a fresher taste and when it’s out of its season you can purchase dried nuts and soak it . (In this post I used 3cups of dried tiger nut).

You can soak it overnight or for at least 12 hours, depending on how dry it is .

Soak your dates differently after removing its seeds . For every 1cup of tiger nut I use 5dates .

You do not soak your coconut , just cut them into blend-able sizes .

Blend everything (tigernut, coconut,and dates) or in Nigeria here there are commercial grinding machines on almost every street corner 😁.

Using your muslin cloth filter .( I miss my muslin cloth from med school 🥲).

Add in sugar , and evaporated milk .

This milk do not do so well in very hot weather. So keep chill at all times, so it doesn’t go bad .

Enjoy ✨…
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Stay blessed ❣️

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