Life talks

From a child’s eyes .

I love children and as the days goes by I get confirmations and evidence that they are my calling.

If you know the story of Elisha and the widow from the Bible this would make more sense .

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If you do not or can’t remember I would recap briefly from 2kings4:1-7.

So , there was a widow who had two sons and was deep in debt . With no way of paying off her debt she would have to use her sons . She goes to the prophet for help and he asked her what do you have ? And she said a small amount of Oil ,he asked her to borrow jars from neighbors and pour the little oil into them and voila , there is oil everywhere. Then he asks her to sell it and pay off her debt.

This story is use majorly to illustrate how faith works and that was the goal of the book publisher as I say with this child as we read it from a Bible passage .

But then I asked him, what did you learn from this story ; smiling shyly he said

1)God will not come down from heaven to help you, he will send somebody.

2)what ever you have is enough if you pray.

This next point was what caught me off guard

3)God wants us to make money and enjoy .I haven’t seen that part and I had to go over the story again. In his defense the prophet could have easily prayed someone gave her the money or the debtors let go of the debt but He provided a way for her to make money which she used to pay off his debt and had extra to live on.

4)Whatever you borrow pay back . As he explained bitterly about a classmate who borrowed a pencil ,never returned it .

For days the discussions we had lived rent free in my head because it made me ponder on what else do children see that we don’t !

If you have a child around you let them express theirselves, allow them show you what your eyes can’t see.

For a child’s mind is very colorful and pure ✨.

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