Hibiscus Spice Tea .

This all natural tea is one of the many tea combinations I learnt from my mum .

Shh 🤫 don’t tell her I am sharing this with you ✨.

This tea is flavorful , filled with antioxidants, anti inflammatory properties and it’s aroma is calming (aromatherapy)!

You will need

A mortar

This is tintin.

Hibiscus (1.5cup)



This pepper that I have forgotten it’s name . if you know do comment below .

First crush your hibiscus , crush do not pound

When it’s coarsely crushed , add in other spices and pound until you get your desired texture . Store in an airtight container .

Beautiful colors right ?

To prepare

Boil in hot water or if you are using a tea pot , steep in very hot water for 5minutes .

Serve hot and enjoy .


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