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Vex Money 💰.

Vex money is a Nigerian term used for any amount of money stashed or kept in order to be used when a date,outing or event doesn’t go according to plan .

As a person who seldom go out in groups or with others but enjoys her own company , I get the privilege of sitting in a corner observing the crowd.

Sometimes you notice a couple fighting or having this silent awkward situation in which (1)the lady is not happy, (2)the man is not happy or stressed about the bill.

In such situations vex money comes along. When a dates gets awkward and you want to leave you can excuse yourself by paying for your bill with your “vex money”. Same when a bill is overwhelming you can be honest about it and pay what you can and leave . I advice to avoid such awkward situations couples should discuss their budget before a date 😊.

A group of friends can get carried away which can cause another or others in the group feeling left behind . If you have your vex money you can leave such awkward situations.

When you hitch a ride with friends who don’t want to leave the same time as you. If you have your vex money that could come in handy .

You can never know what might happen, when you go out but you can have the insurance of vex money .

As valentine is around the corner 🙄, prepare your vex money for that “special date”. But I pray you don’t get to use it .

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Stay kind . 🦋🦋

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