Life talks

Over protective ?

You protect what you love is something you hear people say over and over again.

But is there such a thing as over protectiveness?

Yes, just like mama bird 🦅, you have to bush your baby so it learns to fly .

I have a brother, who is the love of my life and the apple of Every ones eye. He is full of life and there is never a dull moment around him .

A few days back, he was suppose to do certain things himself and I felt he was too young .

The truth is, he isn’t ! But I couldn’t help it.

After much reluctance, I allowed him and he did really well. Which made me ponder as to why I was so reluctant in the first place .

Is it love ?

I am so scared of the world that he is in ?

Is it that I could not see him from another eyes. The eyes of reality that he isn’t a baby anymore ?

As an over thinker, my thoughts rippled into life and certain areas of it . Can one be overprotective of themselves, the answer ? Yes. We can be overprotective of our hearts, emotions, money , joy amongst others .

Does this mechanism protect us from what we are avoiding?

Honestly it’s a yes and No answer .. You won’t know until you kick yourself out of the nest to fly .

We might and can hold on to others so much that it limits their growth . We could also do these to ourselves and limit ourselves too.

Take a moment to look through your life, what are you overprotective of ?

Do you think it’s time to fly ?

Whatever your answers are, I pray you the best .

Stay kind ✨✨🦋

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