Life talks

While it still lasts .

Hi, yall !

How are you?

I am good so kind of you to ask 😌.

So today’s post is a reminder to us, to do whatever we do well and keep up with the changing times.

Before mobile phones, there was the land line. You had to buy units to be able to make calls are certain phone boots or centers .

But then! Now we get airtime from our banking apps and life is so different from the past .

Before accessible mobile internet, there was the business center .

But these businesses are going into extinction now as the service they offers are readily available from the comfort of our beds .

The surviving ones I have noticed, have new services they offer like photocopying, lamination , printing and making of customized souvenirs.

Some sell recharge cards , run POS centers etc.

Dear subscriber, reader , whatever you are into , be up to date with the times .

Learn what’s new and stay afloat.

Stay kind ✨🦋.

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