Life talks

Covers 🦋.

Hi guys , 

First let me reintroduce my self , drum rolls please ……. Your girl is now a licensed Doctor . Thank you all for your support ! 

Back on track , it’s one of life’s wonders that we will never see our own faces only it’s reflections and descriptions from others . Ours faces make us unique, it tells a story way back from our ancestors. It holds features that tells many stories and these features cause misconceptions too. 

Personally, many individuals tend to take me for a very soft person, who has never struggled in her life because as they say you have a fresh baby face . I do not argue with this because I do not see in the point in trying to prove that I have suffered in life lol. 

So, when certain things happen, and I take a stand and express my disapproval it is taken as offensive and wrong . You are not suppose to be angry, you are not suppose to take such decisions or express yourself like this . So you were pretending to just be nice … 


Because a person is nice and welcoming doesn’t mean they can’t get mad or annoyeded (that’s not really a word). Individuals should have the right to express their feelings. 

It makes me think, I never told anyone I was nice , so why the misconception that a person expressing a disapproving emotion means they are never nice ? 

The saying do not judge a book by its cover goes a long way … 

This certain topic have been analyzed on the many social media platform I have been on and this comment strikes me the most. 

So please , do not judge people by their appearances.

Not all evil people look evil . 

Not every one with a harsh face is harsh 

Not Everyman with high masculine features is a misogynist . 

I think you get the point . 

And do not take a kind looking person for a weak one . You did be surprised.

Adapted from one of the many messages such as this I have gotten . 😅

This is a personal struggle I go through that have somewhat unhealthily become a norm . Adapted from the many messages I have received .. 

For sometime I felt very bad about this message and I asked myself and others questions . I was so grateful I got help from an acquaintance because I was almost kinda depressed . 

She stated , how I never said anything to this person and the individual just drafted thoughts from my appearance and was surprised that I stood for what I believed in . 

Do not let others make you believe what they think of you . Their definitions of you isn’t always true . 

Stand for is right 

Stand for what you believe 

Do not be bullied into silence . 

Stand gracefully and godly . 

You are what you choose to be .

Choose to be better.

Spread kindness .

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