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Simple Ways to Feel Your Healthiest and Happiest While Working From Home.

Written by Eleanor Wyatt .

Simple Ways to Feel Your Healthiest and Happiest While Working From Home

Working from home certainly makes life easier in a lot of ways, but it also means we need to work even harder to get the physical activity, social interaction, and downtime necessary to feel our best day in and day out. If we don’t make time for fitness, nutrition, and self-care while working remotely, we could adopt a few bad habits that negatively affect our health, productivity, and work-life balance. According to Mark Travers of Forbes, these habits often include sitting more, working from the couch or kitchen table, and for some, drinking alcohol during the workday. 

Fortunately, generating remote work wellness doesn’t have to take up a lot of your time, money, or energy. Here are a few simple yet effective ideas from Idomageh Blogs

Care for Your Mind and Body

Physical and mental health go hand in hand and neglecting one could mean bad things for both. But even if you don’t have an hour to work out each day or can’t fit a weekly therapy sessioninto your schedule, there are some other things you can do to care for your mind and body while working from home. 

Here are some ideas:

● Start your day with a healthy meal. This could mean a nutrient-dense smoothie, slice of avocado toast, or warm bowl of oatmeal.

● Work out at your desk. Invest in an under-desk exercise bike, elliptical, or treadmill.

● Clean your home. Turn your daily cleaning routine into a workout and you’ll burn calories while vacuuming the floors, washing windows, and scrubbing the countertops. Cleaning, organizing, and decluttering your living space will not only boost your physical health, but also clear your home of negative vibes and boost your mental well-being, productivity at work, and overall mood.

As another idea, you could meet a friend for a walk over lunch. That way, you’re taking a much-needed break from your computer, getting a bit of physical activity, and reducing social isolation if you live alone. Virtual counseling is also an option if you’re experiencing mental health concerns while working from home and would prefer to talk with a therapist online rather than in person. 

Upgrade Your Workspace

If you’re working from your bed, couch, or dining room table, it’s time to move your workspace to a spare bedroom, attic, basement, or an unused corner, alcove, or walk-in closet. Poor office ergonomics can harm your neck, back, fingers, and wrists, and it’s important to create a workspace that’s comfortable and ergonomically correct

To take things a step further, equip your home office space with an air purifier, comfy pair of slippers, and a handheld massager for soothing sore muscles. And to brighten up the office space, be sure to add a snake plant, desk lamp, and pop of color to your walls. 

Improve Your Work-Life Balance

Whether you’re working more hours than you should or can’t seem to find some peace and quiet with your kids and family at home, improving your work-life balance is another way to feel happier and healthier as a remote worker. Try sticking to a work schedule as best as possible, taking a lunch break each day, and using productivity apps such as FocusMe and Dewo to help reduce distractions. 

As a remote worker, making time for yourself is crucial. For some, that could mean starting the day with a relaxing morning routine, preparing a nutritious lunch rather than ordering in or eating a frozen entree, or taking a mid-afternoon break to practice yoga for 10 minutes. Working from home makes for a better work-life balance for some, but others may face distractions, loneliness, and increased stress that make it harder to disconnect from work at the end of the day. 

Whatever the case may be, these tips will help to boost your health and well-being while working from home. They’re easy to incorporate into your daily routine, and they’ll do wonders for your physical, mental, and emotional wellness. 

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