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Twisted Fate …

This is not a Bollywood story or a novella . This was a real life happening, between two men who had not know each other and will never known each other personally and one picture .

A boy who wanted to explore the world and a photographer who accidentally caught a glimpse of something horrible.

This is the tale of Keith Spasford and Photographer John Gilpin .

It all starts with Keith Spasford, a fourteen year old who decided to run away from his present life problems ( he was in a disciplinary catholic school which specializes in straightening troubled , stubborn children). He didn’t know where the plane was headed but he was ready to go with it . The plane he choose , was headed for Japan .

Keith’s family describes him as a child who was always hungry for adventure.

On February 22, 1970. 51 years ago, Keith sneaked into the undercarriage of a plane at the Sydney airport.

Before this, unknowingly his father had told him in a conversation of the ill fate that befell a Spanish boy who tried to travel via this means. So this gave Keith a confidence that he did avoid the mistakes the Spanish boy made … talk about not studying pass questions correctly .

So on the 22 of February 1970, Keith boarded the undercarriage of the plane to land in Japan . What Keith didn’t know was, the undercarriage was going to open again when the wheels retracted in other words , (after take off the wheels of the plane will be folded back into the plane and it was in this space that Keith had hid himself )

Thus he fell 200 feet to his end .

Sadly at these moments of horror for Keith was amateur photographer John Gilpin, who was taking random pictures around the airports.

It was a week later, as John Gilpin was developing the negative from his random shots that he noticed with shock , the image of a boy clinging on to nothing in a bid to catch something and stop his fall.

In shock , he reported to the airport and footage from the security cameras picked images of a boy sneaking around the plane a d an investigation begun .

This image has since then, been a reminder of a life cut short .

Source: Reddit .

Analyzing this horrid events , it was explained that even if Keith hadn’t fallen from the undercarriage, he still wouldn’t have lived to see Japan due to the cold temperature in the undercarriage as he wore just shorts and a short sleeved shirt .

Is there a lesson in this story ?

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