Umu • Kunu.

Umu is made from sorghum of any type but most times we use the gray one abi it’s white … you will sha see picture .

As the weather sheds off it’s chills to show us it’s heat. A bottle or cup of chill kunu/umu goes a long way and it’s a healthier option to carbonated drinks .

You will need:

✨Sorghum seeds

✨Spices (ginger, cloves , black pepper and some dried red chilli)

✨Sugar .

✨Sweet potatoes (optional )


First you soak your sorghum for about 5hours.

Wash and remove stones . You will know it’s soaked when it becomes soft .

Prepare spices . If you are using dried ginger pound it so it’s flavor steep into your kunu . Dice your sweet potato into small pieces too .

Then it’s ready for the mill or blender . Whichever works for you .

This is the tricky part . ⬇️

Do not blend to a liquid state . Blend with less water so it’s in a paste form. Divide your paste into two .

In a portion , add in boiled water until it’s almost thick like pap/custard then gently add in the second portion and stir .

It should give you a smooth taste and not raw.

Add in water , until you get the consistency you want.

Certain people enjoy it this way (they are cultist!) but if you are normal , grab a Muslin cloth and filter your kunu

Add in sugar to taste and chill .

No fancy glass cups. We serve this in stainless or enamel big cups . #Fortheculture.

Throw chaff away.

But I keep mine and prepare a meal for my chick lulu. Adding peanut cake and soy beans powder it’s highly nutritious for birds .

Lulu is three weeks old 💕and a snub 😑..

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