Life talks

Nothing is wasted.


This post is for the meat lovers , they would relate well with it .

In a standard Nigerian Abattoir, when ever an animal is been killed,different butchers buy different parts to sell.

Let’s take the cow for example . It’s a fairly large animal with meat a plenty but it doesn’t stop there , other parts of the cow are also eaten , it’s organs ( such as kidneys, intestines, lungs etc), it’s legs , it’s head , it’s skin popularly known as kpomo (will be dropping a recipe on how to enjoy kpomo soon) it’s tail and finally it’s blood .

It is advised to not eat the blood of animals.

So therefore , at the end, the whole cow is consumed and enjoyed by different individuals with different tastes.

This applies to our lives , chill I am not saying you are a cow, you are a wonderful person and more .

All of you , isn’t meant for one person alone .

You are made up of wonderful pieces and these pieces are for different people at different times . Nothing in your life is useless, you might not see it but I see it and I tell you dear reader.

The ill/sad circumstances you find yourself in today will help you understand and help others going through the same thing in the future .

Some parts of you may not be pretty, but who said pretty is always good?

Nigerian saucy cow tail pepper soup

The cow tail is only useful to the cow in chasing flies away but it’s one of its expensive parts, contains less meat but a lot of flavor.

Open up and know your parts . Organize your parts so as you can easily tap into them to touch a life or help yourself when needed .

Do not suppress some of you thinking it’s of no use.

Do not allow parts of you to be wasted .

Use every bit of it so that , when you are no more you will have no regrets.

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