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Drug abuse & its channels ..

Good day to you dear reader .

This post has been dragged for so long because I wasn’t able to organize words into blocks to make up a post .

Personally I have watched people close to me abuse drugs and it always a painful journey to watch them relapse after so much hard work trying to get clean . But that’s not what this post is about. It wasn’t an easy post to write and I will try to keep it as short as possible.


Some time in February, a friend reached out to me with stories from her ward in the hospital . Listening to the voice note she ended it with, I know it will interest you and you will find some information that will help about this case .

A month later , after researching and having a few words with licensed pharmacists. I came back to the same question nobody has an answer to . WHO IS TO BE BLAMED FOR THE DISTRIBUTION OF THESE DRUGS.

The government in its bid to fight drug abuse certain drugs have been banned and are not produced in the country. Example of such is the “Codeine containing cough syrup”.

But, there is a but, these type of drugs still find a way to land on the shelves of pharmacies and the “black market”. So do we blame the government or the smugglers ?

Now, there are other drugs that are legal but could only be bought from a pharmacy by a written prescription from a doctor .

But, there is the but again .. they are sold without prescription or with fake prescription. I ask myself can’t there be a way in which prescription could be confirmed before a purchase is made ?

So do we blame the health workers or the abuser ?

This particular problem is one I find very disturbing; The Loaning out of Licenses .

Certain professionals loan out their licenses to a lay man to establish a foundation and do “business” in return these “professionals are paid”.

Do we blame the hard economy that push certain individuals to do this ?

So to say, some of the drugs that go in and out of certain pharmacies are not assessed by the right person who knows what they entails.

So we have pharmacies, health establishments set up in different areas by a lay person whose sole purpose is to make money.

These are some of the factors that goes into the distribution of abused drugs.

Who do we run to for help when all around us there is a problem or two ?

What is the bridge connecting all this ?

Comment down below what you think about the channels and distribution of abused drugs or send me an email if you are trying to get clean . There is always a way , never give up .

Stay kind 💕.

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