Life talks

Children of Cain

The story of creation and the first family (Adam, his wife eve and two children Cain and Abel) is one that is universal and accepted in many religions, religious sects and denominations.

The first crime between and against mankind recorded from the story of creation until the time was murder .

Cain murdered his brother, out of jealousy as it is told .

But, today I was discussing with an acquaintance and the person said , What is jealousy really, what if Cain was upset with himself but didn’t want to take responsibility?

What if he was just upset because his brother Abel did the right thing ?

There are many individuals out there who will hate on you because you are doing what is right or correct .

They will try to bring you down not because you are the problem but because they blame you for the guilt they put themselves in.

So, know that these people come to us as bullies, critiques , and naysayers .

We all know the good kid in class everyone hates on because they remind the teacher about an assignment?

Yep, when you hate on someone for doing the right thing, you are walking in the steps of your father Cain .

Tho, he went in to father children , he was punished and branded .

Jealousy , anger and hate will take you nowhere .

Stop blaming others for your wrongs, failures and mistakes.

Start taking responsibility for yourself and actions .

Be kind

Be godly

Be right in every way possible ✨.

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