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Age/Aging and waiting .

Age/Aging and Doing your own thing.

Whenever a friend is blessed with a baby 🤱👩‍🍼, it’s beautiful and we are all happy then boom before you know it, the baby is 1 then 2 then 3 going 4. So to say we are also getting older. but that’s not the point . Let’s talk having “kids early” , or getting married early #husband/ wife of your youth… while for the most part this is not in your hands to bring to pass. But we now live in a generation that want us to believe this is not important.

Be so you have to take your time and find the right person , prepared for you by God #Gods time is the best … we also have to consider what’s at stake the more time we spend “waiting”and been “woke“.. I have conversed with certain people and I hear; I want to be mentally ready for dating,courting then marriage but honestly they are doing nothing about it. As a young person you did be mocked if you are found reading a book on marriage or related topic . Our sisters are mocked annually during the Ramadan because they pray to be blessed with the one #desperate.

So what’s the use of waiting if you are not preparing?

If you are really waiting to; heal childhood traumas, process heart breaks , “fixing” yourself before marriage. Do it right . I read a book or i heard it somewhere can’t remember it stated;⬇️

God is not a wicked God, and he wouldn’t deliver HIS child into your hands knowing fully well you are not “right”.

You can’t just wait because the world say you are still young and you have time.

Do not wait without doing the needful .

As we wait we prepare 🦋✨.

The Irony of this dilemma is the fact that our generation contains individuals that have invested their time, finances , bodies, youth,emotions amongst others in this waiting period that they don’t even see they are already married without being married .

Jesus Loves you

God Loves you

Wait, prepare and Move with him.

This is my 1/2kobo and afternoon thought .

I love coins 🪙 btwn

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