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Consented or not

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I write this post with a heavy heart.

In Nigeria my country Rape is a crime and a punishable offense ranging from a minimum of 12years in prison to life imprisonment. Rape of under age children (children under 18 ) is a most greater offense. For children under 18 it’s still considered rape even if the child consented in CRA 111 section 31.

The Child Right Act (CRA- 2003), pronounce sexual act with minors or a child (anyone under age 18), as an act of rape and a criminal offence in Nigeria.

What prompted this post , the case of a young girl , 11 years of age who recently put to bed and is fighting for dear life . Due to her age , anatomical and sexual immaturity, she suffered complications during child birth which is a ruptured bladder .

Why wasn’t it aborted many asked , well abortion is illegal in Nigeria and certain religious doctrines are against it .

———————{THE DILEMMA}——————

Let’s start from the beginning, or the middle , rather let’s start from the Male responsible for the pregnancy.

It’s sad that many refuse to see this as rape , as she consented and might even have initiated the act .

Any man or woman , that would enjoy sexual intercourse with an underaged child should not walk freely amongst sane minded persons .

A community that allows such men go free because “she consented”. Should be educated and such mind set corrected .

There are many children, who are battling for dear life , due to the complications related to childbirth and such is the very common VVF (Vesico Vagina Fistula).

More on this topic will be discussed .

But for now :



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