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Routine blood test.

Regular blood testing is one of the many and important ways to keep track of your health and well being.

Getting tested at routine intervals allows you to know what is going on in your body. It also keeps you updated on important health information.

This helps you keep track of your health and also help you in the early detection of diseases and making early decisions that might help the prognosis of certain health conditions .

This also help in cases of emergency example , if there was a need for blood transfusion and you already know your blood type this could save a lot of time.

After making enquiries..I decided to get tested too and a senior recommended a health care center .

Very clean environment with good staffs.

What can be detected in a blood test ?

Anemia, HIV/AIDS, Genotype , Blood group , Heart diseases , Liver Diseases etc .

Routine blood test you could do are ;

•Full Blood Count; this helps you know the amount of cells you have , if you are fighting an infection or not amongst other things .

•HIV/AIDS; Knowing your status it’s important

•Hepatitis B / Hepatitis C; Knowing your status it’s important.

•Genotype: knowing your genotype saves you from heartbreak , I am speaking to my AS peeps. AS and AS is not safe 🙃. More on this topic will be discussed.

•Blood Group

•Blood Sugar Test, Liver function test

It is advised you get consultation and book an appointment before getting tested as certain tests require fasting or special steps . You will be counseled and directed on how to go about it.

Don’t be scared to get tested. Get tested today .

Know your status .

If you are in need of support or have questions regarding this topic {Don’t forget I am a medical doctor 😊} contact me via my email on the contact page or just tap below . I could also connect you to a laboratory scientist for more information.

Would have Loved to upload a video of my blood been taken but for the sake of those scared of needles, blood or both I won’t .

See you soon.


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