Life talks

Please Cry

Please Cry .

Contrary to the popular belief that one has to stay strong in tough times, and that includes not crying and moving on with your life .

Wait a mini minute ,

Deep breathes,

Ok let’s proceed.

Tears exist for a reason, they well up behind the window to our soul (the eyes) for a purpose .

Tears contain anti microbial properties, lipids that lubricate the eyes amongst other things .

Scientific research has shown us that tears are triggered by different emotions and this makes us feel vulnerable which could improve our relationship with others . If this can improve our relationship with others I believe it can improve our relationship with ourselves.

When you feel the urge to hold your back tears, ask yourself why ?

When you ask another not to cry ask yourself why ?

Do we ask people to not cry most times because it reflects on us ? Because we don’t know how to react or handle such situation?

I have had problem with crying , I believed it was for the weak but alas. It’s not ..

Crying ease, burdens .

Let your tears flow when they come to you .

How else do you expect your soul to wash itself ?

Let it pour out and free you of heavy burdens .

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