Stir fried vegetables


This is an easy recipe! and the fun thing about it ? You can toss in whatever you want/like, and it is a great recipe for those under dietary restrictions.

This is a light sauce without the tomato drama and greasiness.

You will need;

✨Vegetable leaves of any kind

✨1 Onion , Pepper


✨Fish oil, Soy sauce

✨Vegetable oil can be substituted for fish oil.

✨Seasoning and salt to taste.

I used;

Pumpkin leaves

Curry Leaves

And well when I remember it’s name I will update this post 🥲…

To my garden… I feel so fulfilled when I pick vegetables from my garden

The making :

✨You wash, slice and your vegetables, onions and pepper .

✨If you decide to add some protein, prepare your fish or meat . I used dried chicken.

Believe me , it use to be bigger than this. It’s just dried 😅😅..
The net.. this is a method of drying/storing meat and vegetables.

✨On low heat , In your pot, stir fry your onion first in fish oil, when it’s light brown, add in your vegetables and proteins ..stir gently (you can add in a bit amount of water so your vegetable cook. )

For the sake of measurements;

1/4 cup of water should be added every-time the water dries up until it’s cooked.

✨Add in soy sauce (optional). Salt and season according to your taste.

This can be enjoyed with rice, potatoes, yam etc.

I enjoyed mine with some potatoes.

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