Life talks

Growth Regardless

Hi y’all, it’s been so great to have y’all here with me.

May we continue to relate .

I am not one to be obsessed with grades , accolades and recognition, this attribute have made me not go well with certain individuals in my life , but let me say this I do not believe in mediocrity.

The obsession with these measures have lead a lot of individuals into thinking they are not doing well in life and are not progressing or progressing fast enough .

Listen to me dear reader ;

Like the Bible say, whatever you are doing do it well and that’s what I believe in.

So when it comes to growth, nobody wants to be stuck, nobody wants to be in the same place for a very Long time and sometimes we only see the distance, we do not see the quality of who we have become or what we have learnt at the place we currently are .

We use what we learn to sustain us on the journey to the distance we want to cover .

So my dear , when you are assessing your growth, when you are assessing your progress do not only look at the distance. Look at the quality you have achieved in that position because as a human being, you will always want more .

After putting the knowledge you have attained in that period of time you feel “stuck” you will realize that you are still on track and just gathering momentum .

Work Hard to gain momentum ✨✨✨🦋🦋🦋.

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