Life talks

Little can be more.


It’s been quite a while and apologies for that. Adjusting to a new job is quite not as easy as I imagined it to be .

But! I believe I can figure it out .. today I want to remind us all that little can go a long long way.

The journey of a thousand steps they say begins with a step. I know this because I have covered about 73 thousand steps this week I kid you not .

The inspiration behind this post was an event I witnessed in the hospital ward .

So, patient’s A relatives and village . I mean it her village (that’s story for another day) came to see her in the hospital and they all dropped some little “change”. We are talking 50naira, 100naira like that to help her with the bills .

You did think what will these few notes do for her ? Well, I was curious and I asked her mother later in the day how much was the total ?

She smiled and said five thousand naira, this might still be a small amount of money for some but for others it’s a cash out. It did settle one or two medical test and buy some medications .

Makes one wonder how we keep rejecting the little things that come to us in anticipation of a “bigger” thing .

Let’s learn to take life one step at a time

Accept blessings regardless of how small it comes

Because it did all sum up one day ✨✨✨

Stay kind, stay blessed🦋🦋.

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