Life talks, Shout Out

Hey !, it’s 2022! 🎊

Good morning y’all, or afternoon or evening wherever you are reading from.

Wasn’t really in a rush to post this as I been sending and posting season greetings for the past few weeks .

So therefore , apologies if you feel I am a bit late .

Happy New year to you. 🎊✨🎊✨🎊✨✨🎊

I don’t have much to say but , thank you for been a part of this journey , my journey.

Thank you to everyone who have supported and is still supporting the Idoma geh brand.

I can’t help it , I must drop some aspire to acquire ✨🦋✨🦋✨🦋✨🦋✨🦋✨🦋🦋

What I have learnt these past few years, Is that God always replaces . Whatever you think you might have lost this past year , Friends , families , subscribers , relationships, opportunities,money . God always replaces your loss with something better.

Whilst certain people cannot be replaced literally in the case of death, You can feel better and hopeful about certain situations.

To the amazing persons that found me and took me in. Literally adopted me into friendships and were patient enough to let me peel off my layers , (we are still in the process). Thank you.

To my family , thank you for reminding me this page exist . Snap it for your blog they will say .

May the blessings of the new year remain with you and yours .

Thank you y’all 🦋✨

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