Breast Hygiene


Yes ! breast hygiene exist ,

Breast hygiene is how you care for your breast as a nursing woman and not nursing lady ;

and here are a few :

• Wear good supportive braziers.These help take the weight off your back and shoulders , there by saying goodbye to shoulder pain, back pain and compression of the costoclavicular passage(long story short it doesn’t compress the arteries and veins around your neck and shoulder )

•Wear good ,breathable braziers (cotton bras )

•Inspect your breast and Nipples regularly

•Clean your nipples after breast feeding

•Clean your nipples after certain sexual activity. Note you can contract sexually transmitted disease like HIV/AIDS if there is a sore or breakage on your breast and nipple and if an infected person has a sore and the two sores come in contact .

•Clean under of your breast after shower or a sweaty day. A dry area discourages fungal growth

•Do not harshly wash your nipples to remove buildup. Apply vaseline before going to bed and by morning it’s softens the buildup

•If you use breast pad during breastfeeding change then regularly

•Wash your bra regularly, wearing the same bra without washing it for a long time collect germs. (I laugh in black bra … you get it 😉)

•Air dry your breast from time to time, go braless when you sleep.

That_Idoma_geh advices you to keep a boob journal . You record the changes in your breast during your menstrual cycle, Pregnancy, breastfeeding and monthly inspection. This helps you keep take note of odd changes, you can also take it with you on your clinic checkups.

Help your doctor Help you .

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